Integrated Marketing Consulting

by Lara Hill

How can we help you?

In a lot of ways, really. We do what it takes to get the message to a target audience, in a variety of channels. When these methods are intertwined, they have the synergistic effect of a massive increase in brand awareness and customer engagement. Which usually translates into a more profitable enterprise.

We market businesses both online and offline, although we specialize in online marketing. Sometimes the target audience does not spend much time online, and so we also create offline marketing campaigns through print publications. We can even do an ad on TV if you like.

What We Do:

  • Website Design and Development (optimized to convert visitors to customers)
  • Search Engine Optimization (getting sites to rank higher in the search engines’ results)
  • Search Marketing Campaign Management (Pay Per Click Advertising in Google, Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, & Facebook)
  • Email Marketing (those fancy newsletters with the pretty pictures)
  • Social Media Marketing (Custom Twitter Page, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, etc.)
  • Web Video (communicating the value proposition in a format that does not require people to read…wait, I should replace this with a video.)
  • Analytics (sifting through lots of statistics about how people find and use websites, & digesting it into actionable insights that help increase traffic and conversions)
  • Press Releases (writing compelling news & blasting it out to the press)
  • Advertising (finding the publications that a target audience reads, then designing an ad that speaks to them)

How It All Fits Together:

All of these services work best when implemented as a comprehensive cohesive strategy. For example, a press release is more likely to be covered by an publication if you are currently advertising in that publication. Advertising improves brand awareness, causing more people to search for your brand name rather than a generic search. (For example, searching “Debsar Media” rather than “web design company”. The increase in branded searches helps your SEO, Google has a preference for branded sites. The press release will be most effective when it targets the most strategic keywords for your business in the headline. Finding these keywords is part of the Search Engine Optimization service. Having a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign running helps the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign because it allows you to test keywords to see which ones have the highest conversion rates. The PPC campaign’s performance is partly dependent on a user-friendly website design, that allows people to complete the task of conversion as quickly as possible. The best landing pages have video on them, because given the choice, we rather watch and listen than read. Finally, and most importantly, if you have all of these campaigns correctly tagged in an analytics software, then you will be able to measure and compare the results of the campaigns. Then tweak & repeat.

This list of services is not exhaustive, we also handle split testing, datafeed optimization and other ecommerce related marketing services.